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Gill Mechanical Company operates a state-of-the-artfacility for the fabrication of the world famous Tube-Wringer®. In North America, the Tube-Wringer® is well known in the construction trades for its dependable durability. In Europe, the Tube-Wringer® is used extensively in private and commercial kitchens where finer gourmet food products are commonly packaged in squeezable tubes. Artisans and homemakers have also discovered the cost savings provided by the Tube-Wringer®.

John Gill, founder of Gill Mechanical Company, invented the Tube-Wringer® in the early 1970s. The company was established in 1972, concurrent with the patenting of the Tube-Wringer® and trademarking of the Tube-Wringer® logo. Gill Mechanical is now under new ownership, but his dedication to the philosophy that every Tube-Wringer® should last a lifetime continues.

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GUARANTEE:  Tube-Wringers are warranted to perform as claimed when used as directed on collapsible tubes of extrudable material, misuse or abuse excepted.  Defective materials or workmanship reported within 90 days of purchase will be replaced or repaired at no charge.

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