Tube Wringer

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The Tube-Wringer® will be your main squeeze for any product packaged in squeezable tube containers — a Tube-Wringer® for every project, a Tube-Wringer® for every home.

You'll get up to one-third more for your money from every tube with the Tube-Wringer®.  Squeeze the last drop of expensive caulk, glue, oil paint, caviar, anchovy paste, make-up, and toothpaste from the tubes. 

For fun and a creative touch, use the Tube-Wringer® as a crimper for craft projects as well.

The Tube-Wringer®, manufactured by Gill Mechanical Co., efficiently squeezes the contents from tubes of caulk, glue, medical compunds, adhesives, and toothpaste. Nearly indestructible, the Tube-Wringer® will last a lifetime under normal use and pay for itself in short order.


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